Optical Lab

Our glasses are all custom made and supplied from one of Europe's leading independent optical laboratories. Waterside Laboratories is our business partner based in UK and they have been manufacturing glasses since 1972. Using quality materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing process Waterside also has very experienced staff who understand every part of the manufacturing process. As a company which primarily supplies UK opticians they can supply Zambati clients with high-quality glasses at affordable prices.

All orders are transmitted electronically to the lab for processing and our partner lab is equipped with state-of-the art equipment supplied by some of the world’s leading optical manufacturers, including Optotech, MEI and NIdek.

The full-service lab is familiar with all types of prescription lenses, including latest technology ‘freeform’ varifocals, which are produced using sophisticated lens generators and computer software. Within the lab there are departments also responsible for creating hard coating, tinting and anti-reflective coating within designated clean room areas of the laboratory.

Using modern edging machines, Waterside’s skilled technicians ensure that all lenses are fitted to the frame you have selected accurately. Following assembly, the edging lab is responsible for final checking.

Every step of the manufacturing process is quality controlled to ensure your glasses are made correctly.